How to make a longbow

How To Make A Longbow

“The longbow has a lot of romance tied to it, it’s the bow of Robin Hood, the bow of Howard Hill, It’s also a very forgiving style of bow, I …

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Starting fire with sticks

How To Start A Fire With Sticks

Fire is one of the most important and powerful of the earliest technologies.It opened a wide range of possibilities for us on each level. Fire Needs just three things: Oxygen, …

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how to choose the right carrier

How to choose the right plate carrier?

Whenever you are going to buy something that you will be using for some specific purpose there are always some common questions that comes in mind before making any decision …

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best plate carriers

Best Plate Carrier Vests in 2021

This article provides a review of the best plate carrier vests from top to bottom according to the budget, specs, and quality. We will cover from Military spec to self-defense …

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