Best Plate Carriers for Big Guys – Reviews & Complete Buyer’s guide

Plate Carriers are also evolving with the passage of time as there is an evolution in technology.  That’s why there is diversification in the sizes of Plate carriers and here we are going to focus on the best plate carriers for big guys.

Those who are not familiar with the Plate carriers, let us clarify in easy and simple words. Plate carriers are protective vests with pockets, pouches, and some extra space to hold different things on it.

These tactical vests are used to protect someone from pandemic situations, for hunting, and also for sports and games like airsoft battles or paintball.

So, if you are a tall and big guy and want to protect yourself in chaos or want to go out for a hunt then you would need the best plate carrier that is built for the big guys.

It is important to find an ideal and quality plate carrier for the big and large guys that should be comfortable and also must have the body coverage you need and require.

We have made our research and compiled the top best plate carriers for big guys for your ease. We hope it will be a helpful guide for you.

Best Plate Carrier for Big Guys – Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
condor MV Modular style vest Condor MV Modular Style vest Color: Coyote Brown
Size: Medium to X-Large adjustable sizing
Manufacturer: Condor
Check Price
GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Color: Black
Material: 600D Oxford Fabric
Check Price
Evike - Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest Evike – Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest Color: Black, Arid Serpent & Urban serpent
Material: 600 denier nylon
Manufacturer: Avengers
Check Price
OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest Color: Black, Brown & Multicam
Material: 500D Cordura Nylon
Weight: 2lb/940g
Check Price

Best Plate Carrier for Big Guys Reviews

1. Condor MV Modular Style vest

condor MV Modular style vest

Condor makes tactical vests for different purposes and it is a very famous brand. Condor MV Modular style vest is primarily made for the big and large guys and it is one of their amazing products. This tactical vest fits most of the people easily.

The condor vest has premium quality construction and also has quick-release buckles. Because of the premium quality material and construction in this plate carrier, it has been purchased by lots of people.

This condor vest has padded shoulder straps so that the person who is wearing it felt extreme comfort. The vest comes with webbing all over and got a lot of space for holding different mag types, so the wearer can place things in it and can attach extra plates on it additionally.

It comes with belts for pistols and also has pockets on the sides for placing the maps and other stuff in it. It can hold steel plates and soft armor together and it is highly adjustable. Within the tactical vest, there is a good ventilation system available that keeps the vest sweat-free while wearing it for a long period of time.

This vest is one of the best plate carriers for big guys because it is very comfortable and easy to fit in. This vest has medium to extra large sizes.

Key Features:

  • Quality material and construction.
  • Quick-release buttons in front and emergency drag handle on the back.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Webbing with attachment points for pouches.
  • Hanging loops for pistol/duty belt.
  • Side pockets and place for extra pouches.
  • Highly adjustable.

Pros and cons

  • Appropriate for large people.
  • It can hold soft armor in the front pocket and steel plate in the back.
  • Good for hiking, camping or any outdoor sports.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Adjustable.
  • There is no back compartment.

2. GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Assault Vest

GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest

The GLORYFIRE tactical vests are actually remarkable vests for users because they are not only available in different sizes and can fit to big guys but also they can be used for different purposes, like deployment and hunting, etc.

This is one the top best plate carrier for big guys and has amazing features. These tactical vests are made up of high-quality fabric which makes these vests stretchable and comfortable to wear. This tactical vest comes with the shoulder and side straps that make it very adjustable. So that you can adjust it according to your body shape or need easily.

Along with the different sizes these vests are also available in different waists, starting from 35 inches and going up to 57 inches. This vest is highly durable.

One of the amazing features that differentiate it from other vests is that it has a detachable pistol pocket, which means you can remove it and add it on any side of the vest you like better. This feature makes this vest good for both right and left-handed people. This tactical vest contains more than one pistol holder.

This is simply the best tactical vest for you if you are a heavyweight or large guy because along with the adjustable waist size, it also keeps you super cozy in it. Without feeling any tightness or rigidity across your body, you can wear it and complete your chores without any concern.

Key Features:

  • High Quality and durable material.
  • Breathable mesh design.
  • Good stitching.
  • Adjustable shoulder and side straps.
  • Detachable pistol holster.
  • Sized from S-XXXXL.
  • Minimum waist of 37 inches to maximum waist 57 inches.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Durable & lightweight.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • Good for equally left and right handed people.
  • A little short in length for some people.

3. Evike – Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest

Evike - Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest

The Evike Airsoft tactical vests are very much affordable and they easily fit a big guy. These tactical vests come with a quick-release system and different magazine pouches. The Evike tactical vests are made of nylon fabric which makes them durable and prevents them from deterioration.

This plate carrier for large guys is easily adjustable because the chest platform can be adjusted according to the weight of a person. These tactical vests have padded shoulder straps which makes them comfortable and non-slippery.

There are three double mag pouches available within the chest rig in this tactical vest so that you can put bullets and magazines in this vest with no trouble. This vest also has two integral mesh pockets in which you can keep important objects.

There is a side pocket in this Avengers airsoft vest so that you can put radio, maps, or other tactical gear or accessories. These pockets can be easy to put on and adjust also has a great coverage area.

The hunters and shooters like this tactical vest because it comes with different magazine pouches and also the chest size adjustment is also available in it so that they cannot feel any discomfort while wearing it.

There is a drawback of this vest, it has fewer pockets, and if you require extra pockets then you might need to order an extra belt or pockets to put on. These vests snug around your body and make your experience fun.

So that if you want to buy a low-priced vest that is also durable and comfortable to wear then you should acquire this one.

Key Features

  • MOLLE compatibility.
  • Material: 600 denier nylon.
  • 6 magazine pouches.
  • Quick-release button.
  • Adjustable size.

Pros and Cons

  • Shoulder straps are padded.
  • It is perfect for large and big guys.
  • This west comes with 3 double mag pouches.
  • The chest size adjustment is available.
  • Comfortable.
  • There is not enough pockets and pistol holder in this vest.
  • One needs to buy a utility belt to put other objects and accessories.

4. OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest

oneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest

The OneTigris Multicam Tactical vest is one of the top best plate carriers for big guys. It offers many features and comes in a lot of size ranges from small to XXXL which means an adult can wear it without any trouble.  This vest offers a maximum waist size of 57 inches which is great for a heavy and obese person.

These tactical vests are made up of 500D Cordura nylon which is a very durable and super reliable material. This material makes this vest very breathable. There are shoulder and side straps in this vest which give ample adjusting options to the user. You can fit or loosen them according to your needs.

OneTigris tactical vest comes with webbing and offers a lot of places for attaching more pockets to keep mags, bullets, and other important objects or tactical gears. You can easily fit up to 30 rounds of mags in this vest without any difficulty.

The Multicam vest is highly adjustable and you can also put plates in the back of the vest. This vest is really good for safety purposes as it is bulletproof and it covers the heart and lungs area of the body. These vests have a shock-absorbing feature which makes them safer than other most vests.

This tactical vest comes with extra clips to maximize fitness keeps it sturdy around your body. The Multicam tactical vests are amazing in law enforcement, deployment, hunting, mountaineering, paintball competition, airsoft battles, and other fields you like to take them in.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable waistband and shoulder straps.
  • Material: 500 cordura nylon.
  • Durable construction.
  • MOLLE webbing for extra pouches and pockets.
  • Plate carriers available in the back.
  • Protection for heart and lungs area.

Pros and cons

  • Adjustable waist.
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable and padded.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • MOLLE webbing gives a lot of pocket attachment option.
  • Lower abdomen of tall guys may exposed.

Best plate carrier for big guys Buyer’s guide

Some of the factors that a person should consider before selecting or purchasing a best and perfect plate carrier are as follows:

Size Range and Adjustability

I mentioned this factor at the top of the list because here in this article we researched the plate carriers for big guys so that the size matters a lot. It is highly recommended for obese and big guys to check for the size ranges and adjustability of the plate carriers.

Many plate carriers come in the size range of 35 to 50 inches and are adjustable around your body. Adjustability along with the widths and lengths in the carriers are more appreciated.

Plate carriers also come with adjustable shoulder and side straps. These straps allow comfort for the wearer. In the plate carriers, the Velcro straps come in the strongest and finest quality and are good alternate for buckles and straps. Some of the vests are also come with adjustable bungee straps and offer a single pull tab release.

Pouches and pockets

While selecting a plate carrier the number of pouches and pockets should be considered. Before purchasing a tactical vest make sure that the vest has got a combination of both pouches and pockets so that, you can store your essential objects in it with no trouble.

Typically, all plate carriers have sufficient pockets, pouches empty spaces, and buckles. Some of the tactical vests are available with extra attachments and magazine pouches which can be detached or placed from the front or back of the vest.

A tactical vest having both combinations of pouches and pockets will be highly suggested. Some vests have side and outer pockets which can be utilized for smoke grenades, handguns, maps, flashlights, or radios. Because of an overall larger size compared to regular plate carriers, your selected vest will have extra space to contain a lot of additions as required.

Durability and breathability

Durable construction and a proper air circulatory system are the other essential factors that must be considered while selecting a plate carrier. The breathability can assure a long-running and comfortable experience with the vest.

The vests are commonly made with woven and nylon fabric, while a few additional fabrics or materials also exist. In a tactical vest the air circulation matters a lot hence you should purchase the vest which has the breathable options in it. Thus, you will be capable to wear that tactical vest without any worries for a long period of time.

The plates of tactical vests are often prepared with hard polythene which is very effective at resisting or repelling rifle rounds. Though, the plates can also be made up of ceramic that is much lighter and more recent in design and also with steel that is ancient and less effective but affordable.


How to choose the Best Plate Carrier for large Guys?

As I mentioned some important factors in the buyer’s guide above that one should consider before purchasing the plate carrier for big guys.

Firstly, the size of the plate carrier is the most essential factor that must be considered before selecting a plate carrier. Many plate carriers offer small to XXX-large size ranges and adjustable tactical rigs and straps.

Secondly, the durability, breathability, the number of pouches, and pockets should be considered while purchasing a plate carrier.

How tight should a plate carrier be?

The plate carrier should be snug around the body and fit you perfectly that is why many plate carriers are adjustable. For perfect performance, you have to make sure that the plate carrier is rightly placed around your shoulders and body and allows maximum movement.

What should I put on my plate carrier?

It totally depends on that what you are using a plate carrier for. Some of the important objects that can be placed or put on your plate carriers are pistols, rifles, magazines, water bottles, radio, self-aid kit, flashlight, and maps if needed.

How I select best Plate Carriers for Big Guys in this article?

The size of a plate carrier is one of the most important concerns here and that is why I have selected only those vests which can be fitted to big guys or large ones at the same time with no trouble.

Additional criteria I have chosen such as durable construction, the number of pouches and pockets, and proper air circulation or breathability are also compulsory.


If you are a big or heavy guy and want to purchase the best plate carrier then you must check the size ranges, adjustability, the air circulation mechanism, the pouches and pockets that might already built-in or detachable, and durability.

This is not a complicated task to find the right plate carrier for large guys, you just required a little bit of research which we have provided in this article. Thus, according to your need, you can select the best plate carrier for yourself from above effortlessly.

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