How to choose the right plate carrier?

Whenever you are going to buy something that you will be using for some specific purpose there are always some common questions that comes in mind before making any decision like.

  • What is the use of this product?
  • Why I need this product?
  • When will I use this product and for how long?
  • Etc

These are the most common questions that comes in mind before buying any product. As it is already mentioned in the title, we are going to answer these same questions about plate carrier below.

What is the best plate carrier for you?

This is the most common question that comes in mind while buying the best plate carrier and most people always referred to answer but the base of this question is “What are you going to use it for?” are you going to use it for working out, outdoor travel or for combat situations.

The answer to this question is always the same that is “If you are paying then pay for the best”. Because sometimes the cheap product can save you some extra bucks for sure but in the long term that can cost you much more than you save.

Let’s take the example you are buying a plate carrier for a combat situation and you are in a life and death situation. 

Sure, the cheap one can also carry few numbers of magazines and can hold some ballistic plates but if the quality is not good and during combat, your carrier is tearing from a side, that attachment is getting loose from time to time, or even worse your plates are not stable inside the plate insertion pocket that will take out your concentration and can cost you your life.

If you are professional then you must get one that is more reliable so, you worrying about plate carrier will be your least consent and your main focus will be on your tasks.

What size should you get?

The second question that comes to mind is the size like what if you get a smaller size so it can fit you tight or bigger so it will be loose and will not hold sweat but these both are wrong choices.

The most common size sold is 10” x 12” and most of the plate carriers can hold this size but the most important thing is to get a perfect fit size and buy plates that are according to your carrier, not your body.

Buy a plate carrier whose cummerbunds are fully adjustable so you can fit it better and when it will fit better you will feel more comfortable wearing it.

Some people buy one size bigger to hold internal magazines pouches but as per our recommendation, you should buy a perfect fit because movement in a perfect fit vest is fast than some weight hanging around from side to side while you are moving or running.

Almost all plate carriers come in different sizes to fit all and you must get the one that fits perfectly with your body either you are a medium or extra larger person.

What armor plates should be used?

This is the most important question if you use it for law and enforcement. The most common answer to this question is you should get the one that is strong but lightweight.

It doesn’t matter if you are a large guy but when you have a 40lbs weight attached with your body and you are in it for a long period of the day while holding some weapon and extra mags or other required equipment that will surely make a difference at the end.

There are different sizes and weights of the plates that are used to stop armor-piercing rounds. If you are using it for soft armor that you will mostly get lightweight plates that can absorb soft rounds like paintball shots.

But if you are not sure about the situation you are going to get into, we suggest always go for the light weight but strongest armor plates because you don’t know what kind of shots can be fired at your vitals so it’s better to be prepared for the worst.

What attachments should be on your carrier?

If you are using it for an outdoor purpose like hunting or mountaineering that we suggest you to get one that can hold a water bladder and few extra magazines and a radio or mobile attachment.

If you are using it for law and enforcement that you should get one that can hold light weight armor plates, extra magazines, radio, side arm pistol, and medical kit.

 Always get one that can hold your required attachment because why do you get the one that can carry 10 more items but most of them are not going to be used by you. All the attachments used will add more weight to your vest that can distract you and will be hard for you to carry.

One more important thing that should be on your vest is a drag handle if you going to use it in combat because it will help others to carry you from a serious situation if you get injured or hurt that can happen because remember plate carriers only protects your vitals, not your entire body.

Remember plate carriers are the things that should be bought after giving detailed thought into it because in most cases it always stands between your life and death.

So saving some extra bucks is not equal to your life and buying something that WILL be useful is better than buying the one that MAYBE useful.

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